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The apps we develop are focused for general people. They are real user friendly and built to make people's life easier. Our first priority is the quality of our apps. We have talented developers who develop and optimize the apps for the best performance possible. Here in SITL we believe in quality apps and we make sure to deliver it.

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Hybrid Apps

Fitness & Diet Plan

Never Get Fat Again

Need to lose weight and see inches melt from your waist, hips, or thighs? This 30-Day Exercise plan is your solution. Exercise plan can be a fun way to jump start a healthy lifestyle change. This is specifically designed to be a toning and weight loss workout, so get ready to drop some beads of sweat, and inches, too!

If you want to see all the weather information in one app. This is your Chance.Weather service includes io, Weather Wunderground, BBC Weather.

Weather Wizard

Know Your Weather With a Touch

BD News Portal

Everyday News Instantly

Finding all your favorite newspapers all at one place has never been easy.This news portal app brings together all the local newspapers in one place.Easily find your desired news and newspaper and get updated in real time.


English Vocabulary

MemoryTrix is an app that helps you Learn & Remember English Vocabulary efficiently ΜEMORYTRIX The app is designed to improve your Vocabulary Strength, Communication Skills, English Vocabulary Language Proficiency & Cognitive Skills Memory, Focus, Speed and Attention.

101 recipes, plus tips, how-tos, and videos from the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen to help make Thanksgiving the best meal of the year.


A Bon Appetit Manual


Collage your memories to relive

Scrapbook is like a photo diary where you can design and decorate images with stickers, quotations and many other things. It is not possible to carry your physical scrapbook everywhere you go, this is why having a virtual Scrapbook is the most convenient, time and cost-saving option.

Satisfy your Appetite with the official Nando’s app. From checking your Nando’s Card Chilli and Reward balance to ordering Takeaway, the app is packed full of features. Go on, download it now for your hit of Peri-Peri goodness!


Peri-Peri Heaven

All Possible With Hybrid Apps

By using hybrid app development technique and framework like IONIC 3, our apps gain the ability to achieve some excellent features like cross platform compatibility and many more .....

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